Hidden Workforce

America’s Hidden Workforce Returns

Hidden Workforce Returns

EmployReward Solutions (ERS) has known for a decade where to find a great workforce… folks like you who want to work and just need the right runway and career skills to go make a difference.

The Wall Street Journal had a January 26, 2019 article that highlighted the point that workforce participation among those receiving federal disability benefits has grown. Some of it is because of the economy or because of tighter Federal requirements for SSI and SSDI but there is also the Ticket To Work program’s impact.

ERS looks forward to working with Ticket Holders to help more of the “hidden work” reap the full reward of employment.

The number of American workers receiving federal disability benefits dropped to 8.5 million in December from a peak of 9 million four years earlier as the share of disabled Americans in the labor force rises. The average monthly jobless rate for the disabled in 2018 was 8%, down 4.6 percentage points from 2014. Unemployment for this group is falling at a faster rate than for the broader population. "This is really quite a dramatic turnaround,” said Nicole Maestas, an economist at Harvard Medical School who studies the disability system. “Employment among people with disabilities had been declining for a really long time—now it’s not. And it’s not transitory. It’s been increasing for a few years.”

Wall Street Journal, "America’s Hidden Workforce Returns"
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