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Disabilities Foundation Fundraiser Welcomes ERS Volunteers

It was a day of service and community as EmployReward Solutions employees volunteered to help at the 24th annual Florence County Disabilities Foundation “Celebrity BBQ” on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

ERS Career Counselors took turns standing elbow to elbow with other corporate volunteers assembling plates of pulled pork, homemade slaw, sweet potatoes and more.  “It’s an opportunity to get out with like-minded people and do something good for the community,” said Phylis, Career Counselor from ERS.  “And I’ll volunteer again next year too,” she said. 

Phylis is a six-year veteran Career Counselor who has volunteered at the event for the last 3 years.  She along with 9 of her coworkers made an awesome team at this year’s event working at Roger’s BBQ House. 

ERS is involved in several fundraisers throughout the year. According to Director of FCDF, Anne Carpenter, last year’s BBQ fundraiser yielded approximately $80,000.  “We serve 1400 clients,” she said, “the funds help with things like medical and dental needs, and funeral costs.”

This expansive event brings together sponsors and hungry patrons at 3 of the most famous local BBQ places in the area for Florence County, SC. With great food, good hearts and sponsoring companies it’s easy to see why this delicious fundraiser is a hit every year.

Additionally, Director Carpenter said her organization operates self-supporting businesses like the Pee Dee Thrift Store chain that provide employment and training for individuals with disabilities

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