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Remember… ERS Provides These Services Free of Charge To Eligible Ticket Holders

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1. Creation of Individual Work Plan

Let us guide you in developing a plan for returning to work and identifying the services you need to be successful in your venture.

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2. Interview Preparation

Feel confident and prepared for interviews with help from our mock interview process including how to address difficult questions, dressing for success, and tips on workplace etiquette.

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3. Career Counseling & Guidance

We will help you use your Ticket to Work to benefit you in any way that we can! Help to understand how you can work and how it will affect your Social Security Benefits. Ticket to Work will also help with referrals to other agencies, if needed.

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4. Continuing Employment Supports

When you enroll in Ticket to Work, ERS provides you with an expert Career Coach, ready to help you achieve your career goals. Career Coaches maintain periodic contact with you to ensure your service needs are being met and you're able to work towards meeting your vocational goals.

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5. Training Resources

We can connect you with vocational training and educational opportunities that can help you get into your desired field and advance your career. These include: work training programs, GED classes, other community based job training classes, college level classes and other programs.

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6. Additional Assistance

Transportation Resources; We can assist you in identifying transportation services that provide reduced fares, bus passes, and other discounted or low-cost transportation options. Housing Resources; We can connect you with programs and resources that provide vouchers, income-based housing, and other affordable options based on your budget including: home ownership assistance, foreclosure, and mortgage assistance.


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