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ERS EZ Link – Powered by MeasureOne

IMPORTANT: It is still your responsibility to report your wages to Social Security!

ERS cannot report to Social Security on your behalf.
We can mail you copies of the paystubs you report to ERS so that you can report them to Social Security.

Options for reporting to Social Security can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Ask your Career Coach for help!


Introducing our newest
wage reporting tool

created for your success!

Since our inception, ERS has been dedicated to the success of our TicketHolders through the creation of the most innovative tools and services to support those on their path back to work.

Powered by our newest partner MeasureOne, we bring you ERS EZ LINK! The newest way to make your ERS wage reports a breeze.

For those who use an employee portal or know what payroll system their company uses, a simple email or text message invite from your Career Coach can securely start the process of connecting your wages to ERS via the MeasureOne platform!”

If you have not received an invitation email, and would like to explore this new tool, contact your Career Coach to get started.

An easy step by step activation…

You are emailed an invitation

At the request of your ERS Career Coach, MeasureOne, will email you an invitation to begin the registration process.

Click Let's Get Started

You will be directed to the MeasureOne portal where you can rest assured knowing your information is safe and secure.

You give permission for ERS to access your data

Next, you will connect to your payroll system via the MeasureOne platform for ERS to access your personal payroll data for the specific purpose of reporting your wages.

You will look for your employer or payroll system within the MeasureOne platform and log into it. This will connect your payroll data with ERS to report your wages.

Your wages are reported ERS

MeasureOne extracts and sends your permissioned data to complete the ERS’s request for ONLY the necessary information to report your wages.

MeasureOne is a data infrastructure company that utilizes a Consumer-Permissioned Data approach to deliver the required data on your behalf, to ERS for
continuous and successful wage reporting. Once given permission to share the information selected and confirmed by YOU through EZ LINK, MeasureOne provides
ERS with the necessary data for your automated wage report.

It’s transparent!

Any data request REQUIRES
your approval.

It’s private!

Your data will be shared only
with the APPROVED

It’s safe

Source data is shared only
with your explicit permission
using the highest security

It’s easy!

MeasureOne provides you a
simple experience assuring
you accurate reporting.

More Questions?

What is MeasureOne and is it safe?

MeasureOne is a consumer-permissioned data platform that enables you, the user, to consent to and share your earnings data with ERS to verify your wages. The platform has been designed with transparency, security, privacy, and ease of use in mind. None of your data is stored and only the requested data is shared with your explicit consent.

From encryption to routine audits, MeasureOne has obtained leading industry security certification, which means your data is always safe and secure.

How does it work?

Your ERS Career Coach will send you a link via text or email asking you to complete the wage verification process. You click on the link and have the option of either connecting to your employer or online payroll account. By logging in, you are confirming MeasureOne the access to your payroll data, which then they securely share with ERS to verify your qualification for Ticket-to-Work.

How is my data handled?

Your data will only be extracted from your paystubs or your online payroll account with your explicit consent to be shared directly with ERS. Your personal information is never stored or sold.

Why should I use MeasureOne?

By completing the income verification and/or paystub upload process with MeasureOne, it means your wage data is instantly verified and shared with ERS for faster benefit processing. Additionally, you only have to complete the process with MeasureOne once for ERS to be able to refresh your data and continue to verify your qualification for ticket-to-work, without having to regularly send paystubs to maintain eligibility.

What if I can't find my employer on MeasureOne?

Not to worry. The list of employers and payroll services who are connected with MeasureOne is constantly growing, however there may be some who are not supported yet. If you cannot find yours, simply contact your career coach and let them know. Check back at a later date. Partners are added all the time.

What if my registration failed?

Again, not to worry. This is a growing tool created by  MeasureOne with ERS that may not support your payroll process … yet. Your career coach can help you get added anytime, so check back soon and you can get another invitation.

Can I still report my wages without MeasureOne?

YES! All of the ways you’ve reported you wages in the past are still available to you, however our new digital tools are designed to make it easier and more successful. For more ways to report your wages to click here.

What information does MeasureOne have access to?

None of your data is stored and only the requested data is shared with your explicit consent.

Where will my invitation link come from?

The invitation email will be coming from MeasureOne.

When will the invitation link expire?

The invitation will expire after 5 days. Measure One will send out a reminder email every 24 hours until it expires on day 5.

What is I cannot find my employer?

If you cannot find your employer but know what your payroll system, click “Can’t Find Employer” at the bottom of the screen and this will take you to a list of payroll systems. (If you cannot see the link because the keyboard is in the way, click “Done” and it will minimize the keyboard so the bottom of the list and keyboard are visible.) *Reminder, something has to be in the search bar for the link to appear*

Will ERS EZ Link powered by MeasureOne work for me?

If your employer does not utilize an online payroll system or if your payroll system has location restrictions, Measure One may not be able to provide this service to you.


Ways to report your wages to SSA:

It is still your responsibility to report your wages to Social Security! ERS cannot report to Social Security on your behalf. We can mail you copies of the paystubs you report to ERS so that you can report them to Social Security.

When you are reporting your wages to Social Security, to please utilize one of the preferred methods below:

MySSA Account:

This is a quick way to report your wages online. You must have a My Social Security account to utilize this service.

SSI Wage Reporting App:

Free app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores! Search for SSA Mobile Wage Reporting.

Automated Telephone Service (SSI):

Use this service by calling (800) 772-1213 or (800) 325-0778 (TTY) from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time.

Available on iOS & Android

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