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Your Ticket To Work, with ERS is now your Ticket to Learn!

Powered by leading global online learning platform, Coursera, EmployReward Solutions now offers a TICKET TO LEARN to all enrolled in our TICKET TO WORK community.

At no charge, our TicketHolders, with active IWPs, have access to a full library aiding in job readiness, vocational training and even certifications. As the newest tool in our PREMIERSTATUS collection, we feel everyone deserves a chance to learn. Here it is!

Browse the full catalog and enroll for free, through your Career Coach. 

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Is there a cost to take a class?

No! This is a free service made available to you through ERS. Ask your Career Coach to review the list of options and the more you learn, the more is available to you.

What kind of courses are available?

Dive in and explore! We can start with an ERS Job Ready Track, designed to get you going. From there, we can explore specializations, certifications and more.

What if I get assigned a course and it proves to be too difficult?

This why we call ERS, your “safety net!” Trying in the most important part. There is nothing to lose in trying. If you find, a course is too cumbersome or just not for you, just talk to your coach, and they can help you navigate into what IS right!

How long do I get to work on a course?

This depends on you and the individual course you select. We want you to succeed. Every course has an estimated time it should take to complete, however, if you are actively working towards your goal, we can allow you the timely progress you need.

Available on iOS & Android

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