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It can feel intimidating to go to your first interview. It doesn’t need to be that way. You have practiced and prepared for this meeting and you will be organized and under control.

What TO BRING to the interview:

  • A positive and friendly attitude.
  • A copy of your resume with notes for you to use during the interview.
  • Additional clean, quality copies of your resume (one per interviewer).
  • Your own list of questions to ask about the job or company.
  • A pen and some paper.
  • Past work samples or your “portfolio” (if needed)
  • A list of references (include names, titles, and contact information).
  • The name, title, department, and phone number of the person who is interviewing you.
  • Personal grooming items such as breath mints, a comb, or a brush.
  • Cash (you may have to pay for parking or want to buy a coffee afterward).
  • Your identification and Social Security Card (in case you are asked to complete an application on the spot).
  • Previous employment information (including job titles and descriptions; dates of employment; company names and addresses; supervisors’ names, titles, and contact information; your reason for leaving.
  • Your planning calendar (in the event that a follow-up meeting is necessary)
  • Directions to the interview location or a map.


What NOT TO BRING to the interview:

  • Your cell phone. While it is tempting to text a friend or to call your spouse while waiting for the interview to begin, it is often considered unprofessional. If you must keep your phone with you during the interview, turn it off completely so that it will not interrupt your meeting.
  • The contents of your pockets. Many job candidates jingle the change in their pockets or play with their keys when they are nervous. Put these things away beforehand, so you will not be tempted.
  • Your family, friends, or pet(s). You should arrange for their care (if needed) while you are interviewing. It is never appropriate to have a friend or family member wait for you inside the building while you are being interviewed.
  • Your own food/drink. If you have something to eat/drink with you, put it away or throw it out before you go into the interview. Do NOT chew gum during the interview
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