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Looking the Part at a Job Interview

  • Dress for the industry. You won’t wear the same outfit to a job interview at a flower shop as you would a law office.
  • Wear something that makes you feel comfortable; discomfort will show during your job interview.
  • Have clean and trimmed fingernails.
  • Use minimal cologne or perfume.
  • Be sure to have fresh breath.
  • Take care not to have body odor.
  • Never interview with gum or candy in your mouth.

Dress for Success: Your Clothes

  • For a job interview in most industries, a classic power pantsuit or skirt suit or a work dress are always strong choices.
  • Wear something you feel comfortable in – if you never wear suits, don’t wear one to the job interview as if you don’t feel confident in your suit, it will show.
  • It goes without saying that the skirt shouldn’t be too short and you shouldn’t show too much cleavage.
  • It’s absolutely fine to show off your personality through what you’re wearing, as long as you’re not wearing a fluorescent pink mini skirt! Stick to business-professional looks.
  • If you need to dress formally, you can’t go wrong wearing a gray or navy two-piece business suit, a shirt and a silk tie that matches the colors in your suit.
  • If the company is a bit more informal, you could wear smart dark jeans or dark trousers and a jacket.
  • Your belt should always match your shoes.
  • Avoid garish patterns on ties that can distract an interviewer.

Dress for Success: Hair & Makeup

  • Well-groomed hair is important. Before your interview, check that your hair is combed properly.
  • Don’t use too much makeup. Subtle makeup that enhances your features is best here.

Dress for Success: Accessories

  • Keep jewelry minimal – either wear small delicate pieces or wear one larger piece, such as a statement necklace, but nothing else.
  • When it comes to shoes for women, make sure they are comfortable and that you can walk. If you’re wearing heels, the safest bet is closed-toe pumps.
  • Make sure your shoes are polished.
  • Men’s shoes should be brown or black. Avoid mixing black shoes and a brown suit and vice versa.

Dress for Success: Final tips

  • Be aware of your posture and body language. Good posture and a solid handshake is important, as is making eye contact and smiling.
  • It’s important to dress appropriately. Taking care with your appearance shows that you’re taking the opportunity seriously and that you’re eager to make a good impression.
  • Think about what you’re going to wear to the interview the day before so that you have time to make sure everything is clean and pressed.
  • Get everything ready the night before. Lay out your clothes and accessories so that there is no last-minute panic about your outfit. You want to feel great when you meet your potential new employer and looking good is a big part of that!
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